Welcome to the world of Disparate Souls A modern band in the truest sense, with members based around the globe. Our aim is to create original music that takes listeners on a journey, that reflects the world we live in but doesn't hide from the past. We are totally independent and self release on our own label 'Cedar Rose Records'.

Disparate Souls is the brainchild of main songwriter Andrew Hossack and his co-writer and vocalist Steve Griffiths. The current line up is:

Steve Griffiths - Vocals, occasional guitars

Andrew Hossack - Guitars, piano, synths, occasional bass

David Wright - Bass Guitar

Steve Giddings - Guitar, Dobro, Pedal Steel

Jessie Morgan - Violin, Backing vocals

Glenn Welman - Drums

David Wright's first semi-pro gig was in 1963 and he played in various bands until 1982 when work took precedence. In 1970 he was honoured to have songs he'd written played on the late John Peel's Top Gear Show on Radio One. In 2012 a guitarist who he'd not seen since 1982 located David and a return to gigging followed with a new rock band. In recent years David has stood in on bass with a 60s comedy band, a doo-wop band and two blues bands. David is now retired from gigging, but continues to write and record music with his band Riff Reign

Steve Giddings is a music nerd from North Staffordshire, UK. A longtime student of Roots music of all styles and a multi instrumentalist, playing guitar, pedal steel, bass and ukulele. He teaches guitar locally and plays in several bands covering a variety of styles

Jessie Morgan is an American musician, violinist & fiddler. Growing up in central Pennsylvania, Jessie grew up singing and playing fiddle in her family's bluegrass/gospel band, where they were featured on RFDTV channel's "Shotgun Red Variety Show" in 2010. Since then, Jessie has been actively singing & playing music throughout her region and for studio musicians around the country. She is now attending college for a journalism degree, but continues actively pursuing her career in the music industry.

Glenn Welmann is a South African Drummer, capable of playing in multiple styles.  He has his own studio and has recently relocated to the UK.

Taster EP Waiting for the Rain was released on 6th September 2019.


EP 'Poetry of Reason' is out now and available on all streaming services. The EP is an acoustic based folk/singer songwriter based affair. It is one we are very proud of and we consider it our best release to date. Disparate Souls is a truly independent venture. The writing, recording, arranging and releasing is all done in house.  This is our vehicle for full artistic freedom and allows us to self release material that spans a wide array of genres.  Disparate Souls make music with a strong lyrical content, often containing dark themes expressing the human condition with a strong sense of melody.  Arrangements vary from stripped back raw acoustic songs to fuller arrangements that are often difficult to define.

We have released 3 previous EPs, The acoustic "The Doors of the Past Remain Wide Open", the more experimental "Love and Redemption" and the poetic singer/songwriter influenced "Poetry of Reason".  We are currently recording our next release.

Disparate Souls are on all major music streaming services:

disparate Souls on Apple Music Disparate Souls on Spotify  Disparate Souls on Deezer

 In Recent Years a number of our songs have had high placings in renowned songwriting competitions. These include:

  • Oceans and Tides lyrics receiving a Honorable Mention in American Songwriter magazine
  • Oceans and Tides Lyrics receiving a semi-final place in the UK Songwriting competition
  • The Raven receiving a Commended Entry in the UK Songwriter competition
  • My Heart is Breaking receiving a Commended Entry in the UK Songwriter competition
  • True Love Never Dies receiving a Runner Up placing in Song of the Year songwriting competition
  • True Love Never Dies receiving a Highly Commended Entry in the UK Songwriting competition
  • I Know Me receiving a semi-final place in Song of the Year songwriting competition
  • I Stand Tall receiving a semi-final place in Song of the Year songwriting competition

As well as releasing music under Disparate Souls we have also collaborated with other writers over the years and are always open to new ideas and  projects.  If you are interested in working with us please get in touch via the form on the website.  All projects considered.

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